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BDSM CBT toys & CBT equipment

Our range of CBT items will have you down on your knees. We have something for every penis punishment, whether you want to stretch, crush, squeeze or prick, our cock and ball torture devices.

BDSM Spanking Paddles & impact toys

BDSM spanking paddles and impact toys that not only look good but feel good to.

BDSM Restraints and spreaders

Restraints and spreaders to form the backbone of your bondage toy box. With Yokes to wrist restraints perfect for any playing time.

What our Customers are saying…

I bought one of their wooden narrow spanking paddles and it is beautifully made. Excellent quality and I thoroughly recommend it to those who enjoy giving a good hard spanking. Bruises the bottom so easily. 

Gratefulpain Miss Spitefull

Miss Spiteful

Really loves the stocks I have, used them several times with no problems, secure fitting, good quality finish, excellent value for money compared to similar products. Lightweight, sturdy, simple yet effective clasp with a key, lovely wood, great detail of grain in the Black pair that I received, attention to detail in matching the wood from a single piece. Would definitely try other products from this company 10/10

Gratefulpain mistress review

Mistress Wilamena

Definitely not your average BDSM company! The attention to detail is second to none. My Paddle and wrist cuffs arrived perfectly wrapped and protected and in discreet packaging perfect as I had them delivered to work.  10/10

Mr Edward Tyler

My name is Miss Buffy Brown I’m a well-known and renowned CP disciplinarian based in Manchester. I have used many and varied types of equipment over the years-from different suppliers. When the company Grateful Pain contacted me to trial one of their new pieces. “A hefty wooden paddle” I jumped at the chance. One of my regular corporal punishment clients loves wooden implements. He said this is one of the most effective implements had ever had used on him. I have used the wooden paddle that was handcrafted by grateful pain on a number of my naughty miscreants now. This paddle is easy to handle and very very effective. For any discerning CP disciplinarian, it should be a staple part of your kit. I would highly recommend purchasing any equipment from Grateful Pain.

Gratefulpain Miss Buffy Brown

Miss Buffy Brown

"I must tell you that I am absolutely delighted with your Handcrafted Stinger Spanking Paddle. I have collected a wide-range of “impact toys” over the years, but the beautiful feel and obvious workmanship of your Paddle make this the most outstanding implement I own. As well as being immediately impressed by the colour and smoothness of the wood itself, I also love how comfortable and lightweight it feels to hold . . . and to use!!!
Your Stinger has featured in several of my sessions over the past two weeks and has been “gratefully received” on every occasion. And each of those gentlemen has requested “more of the same” for their next bookings.
Quality and value. Highly recommended in every respect."
Gratefulpain Mistress Modesty Ablaze

Mistress Modesty Ablaze

Spanking paddle and wooden toys care

Wood is feared within the sex toy industry.  A Lot of people’s biggest fear is not the material itself it’s from spitters. These fears are totally unjustified as a piece of well finished wooden toys will not give you any splinters. Read more

Spanking Paddle designs and shapes

With many variations in paddle designs and shapes and additions the possibility to have your paddle just the right way for your particular BDSM style. Here at Gratefulpain we have tried to come up with so truly amazing and versatile styles of fetish paddles. As time goes on we will try to include new and exciting items into the bondage supplies range to increase your pleasure. Read more

Whatever your fetish we can cater to your need not only do we make and supply our stock of kinky toys and bondage equipment, we also take custom orders for full dungeon set up to one of bespoke Deseret transforming furniture when space is limited so if you cant find what you’re looking for we also produce other shapes and sizes. We also offer a custom commission service, contact us for more details.

We can also customize any of our products with inscriptions if you are presenting them as gifts. With the vast array of niche fetishes, we are always happy to hear your ideas and suggestions for new products. We don’t just work in wood we also have worked with metal, rubber, leather, and resins.

So make Grateful pain your home for BDSM