A broken wooden BDSM spanking paddle

Help I’ve broken my wooden BDSM spanking paddle

Here at Gratefulpain, we know that BDSM can get passionate and from time to time accidents happen to your equipment. So what do you do if your favorite BDSM spanking paddle gets scratched or your hand stocks get dented? Well, we have you covered read on to find out how you can get back up to your fun fetish activities fast.

Don’t Panic!!

Wood is a fantastic material to work with warm to the touch perfect for BDSM spanking paddles

Over time we all drop things or knock them against things this will inevitably be the way with all your BDSM and fetish toys. A large number of dents and scratches can be avoided in the correct storage of your BDSM and fetish items. Making sure they are dry and clean before storing them will greatly increase the finish and keep it looking fresh for longer more info on cleaning can be found here. Scratches and dents coming from storage can be easily avoided by having soft padding or wrapping the item in a soft town. Where wood is hard it is easily bruised just like your own skin.

With over 20 years in the woodworking industry, we have excellent knowledge repairing many things outside of the BDSM and fetish world, all these things have greatly increased our skill levels. Ranging from repairing listed buildings down to fine antique furniture to modern windows and doors also including a staircase that was still in use. All have served to add an introducing us to many new products perfect for use.

We do repairs!

Here at Gratefulpain, we can repair nearly all accidents that can or will happen to any of our products. From scratches requiring refinishing, dents dings and scrapes all easily repaired. Spanking paddles over time may split if you get too rough with them this is more likely to happen to spanking paddles with holes in. A split doesn’t always have to be the end of a paddle. If a split does happen to try and keep the split from tearing anymore as the more wood fibers left intact the better it will all make for a stronger repair. We would really like to guarantee all of our products for life but we simply can’t with wood being a natural material. However, we can guarantee our craftsmanship for the life of while you own the product.

We can make the butterflies in many different shapes and designs to fit in with your life. Not only that the butterflies can be made in different materials to contrast with the paddles background. In essence, it is better to celebrate the rejoining by showing it is there rather than trying to hide it. Adding character and life to the piece. We will do everything we can to repair your beloved BDSM item. On rare occasions, it’s not possible to make them fit for use again. In these rare occasions, we can always reassemble the piece so you may keep it. There is also the option to have a display stand or even a case produced to show off your memories.

So what to do when you need a repair?

The easiest way and fastest way is to use the online contact form on the website. Email us as much information about what’s happened. These should include lots of Photos of the damage. From there we can advise of the best way forward to resolving your issue. If you are happy for us to contact you by phone please add a phone number. We understand you want your privacy and don’t want everyone knowing your business.

Is there a charge?

With small jobs, we can often fit it in with other work. We may then only ask you to pay the shipping both ways. For more involved jobs we will keep costs down to a minimum. We can give you a quote once we have Seen photos of the damage. Looking for your wooden items is easy to learn more read our guide here. Hopefully, this will have made you less nervous about using our paddles and getting some of that #GratefulPain.